Marxist Bulletin No. 4

Expulsion from the Socialist Workers Party

Document 29




Letter Seeking Appeal to Next World Congress
By Harry Turner

Box 1377, G.P.O.
New York, N.Y. 10001

18 May 1965

United Secretariat of the Fourth International
21, rue d'Aboukir
Paris 2e, France

Dear Comrades,

It has come to our attention that a World Congress scheduled for this June has been organized by the United Secretariat.

It is our desire to send a representative of the Spartacist group to the Congress in order to appeal the “Resolution on Robertson Group” of the United Secretariat of April 1964, upholding the Socialist Workers Party’s expulsion of members of our group for maintaining ourselves as an oppositional tendency within the SWP. We hereby formally request permission to attend the World Congress for this purpose.

Our representative would not only seek to present our defense, establishing that the expulsions were solely because of our adherence to ideas, and that no violations of democratic centralism took place on our part, but also to take up the deliberate fraud perpetrated on the world movement in the U.Sec. resolution which used as a justification for the expulsions, the publication of Spartacist, an act which followed the expulsions.

Should the permission here requested be granted, we would need notification as to the exact date and place, so that our representative might attend. Should you grant our request, we then further ask that copies of our letter to you of 23 February 1964 and your answering “Resolution on Robertson Group” be made available to your membership electing delegates to the World Congress.

Fraternally yours,
Harry Turner,
for the Spartacist Resident Editorial Board.




Posted: 22 October 2006