Marxist Bulletin No. 4

Expulsion from the Socialist Workers Party

Document 31




Letter Requesting Appeal by Representative of the Expelled to 1965 National Convention
By James Robertson

13 August 1965

National Committee
Socialist Workers Party

Dear Comrades,

On 12 February 1964 we formally notified you of our intention to appeal the expulsion by the NC of five members of our tendency to the next party convention.

Subsequently another half dozen tendency supporters were expelled by the New York Local. Their appeal is now joined with that of the comrades initially expelled.

Having received no acknowledgement of our earlier request, we again ask that a representative of the expelled members of the Revolutionary Tendency be permitted to appeal our expulsions to the forthcoming convention of the SWP as provided by the party constitution.

We further ask that several documents on our expulsions be made available to the convention delegates for their guidance in this matter. In particular we have in mind:

  • “Concerning our Expulsions”--Letter to the National Committee, by the expelled, 10 February 1964;
  • Letter from Robertson to the United Secretariat, 23 February 1964; and the U.Sec. resolution in reply, “Resolution on Robertson Group”;
  • Letter from Turner to the U.Sec., 18 May 1965; and Letter from Frank in reply, 28 May 1965.

If you are agreeable, we would be willing to mimeograph this material ourselves for the delegates’ kits.

Finally we request notification at your earliest convenience of the date, place and amount of time available for presenting our appeal. We also ask that our spokesman not be excluded from being present during the discussion on our appeal and that he be given the opportunity for a brief summary. The exclusion of our spokesmen from the plenum that expelled us, following our presentations, made it impossible for us to know, let alone answer any specific accusations brought against us by the reporters or from the floor.

James Robertson




Posted: 22 October 2006