International Bolshevik Tendency Literature

Journal of the International Bolshevik Tendency

The Transitional Program

The IBT's edition of Trotsky's Transitional Program, including a comprehensive introduction and supplementary material on the implementation of the Transitional Program in the trade unions. Also available as a book.

Celebrating Red October
The Russian Revolution in Historical Perspective

Part I: How the Working Class came to Power
Part II: The Evolution of Revolution
Part III: The Rise of Proletarian Revolution
Part IV: The Lessons of October

The Legacy of Leon Trotsky

I: The Long Road to Revolution
II: The Degeneration of the Russian Revolution
III: Building the Fourth International

The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Anatomy of a Racist Frame-Up

Marxism vs. ‘Militant’ Reformism
The CWI’s Kautskyan Caricature of Trotskyism

Trotskyist Bulletins

A series of pamphlets containing polemics with other organisations on the left.

No. 1: Only Trotskyism Can Defend the Gains of October (html 92K)
No. 2: Marxism vs. Social Patriotism (html split into chapters) or complete document in Word format (zipped 223k)—polemics with the Spartacist Tendency over their call to save US Marines in Lebanon in 1983
No. 3: In Defense of the Trotskyist Program (html 175k)—polemics with Workers Power
No. 4: Trotskyism vs. Pabloism - Nicaragua & the Permanent Revoution (html split into chapters)
No. 5: ICL vs. IBT (in html format 212k) – reprint of the ICL pamphlet, The IBT: What is it?, with a point by point reply
No. 6: Polemics with the Internationalist Group (pdf 787k)
No. 7: Marxism and the Quebec National Question (pdf 586k)
No. 8: Afghanistan and the Left (html split into chapters)

Polemics with Anarchists

Polemics with the International Communist League / Spartacist League

Solidarnosc: Acid Test for Trotskyists (html)

1917 British supplements:

Marxist Bulletin
Journal published by the British section of the IBT between 1997 and 2000, initially by a group of comrades inside the Socialist Labour Party

The Bolshevik
Journal produced by the New Zealand section of the IBT

Marxism & the Russian Question (No 1, April 1993)
Communist League: In Pursuit of Third World Stalinism (No 1, April 1993)
Stop the Testing at Mururoa! (No 6, August 1995)
"Peace" Bureaucrats Sabotage Anti-Tests United Front (No 7, October 1995)

1917 West
Journal produced by the San Francisco Bay Area local of the IBT

Cops, Crime & Capitalism (October 1992)
The ‘X’ That Won’t Go Away (December 1992)
Lessons of the Hall/Owens Defense Committee
For Labor/Black Action to Fight Cop Terror!
(May 1993)
Labor Must Defend Immigrants! (December 1993)
Defend Affirmative Action! (October 1995)

Publications of the External Tendency of the iSt

Declaration of an external tendency of the iSt (html 63k)

Stop The Liquidation Of The Trade Union Work! (html 45k)

Bulletin of the External Tendency of the iSt No. 2 (html 89k)

Bulletin of the External Tendency of the iSt No. 3 (html 159k)

Bulletin of the External Tendency of the iSt No. 4 (html 229k)
Road to Jimstown (html 61k)

Material from the Permanent Revolution Group (New Zealand) 1986-90

Building the Revolutionary Party and United Front Tactics (html)

The Struggle Against Unemployment: Socialist Strategy vs Trade Union Bureaucracy (html 42k)

Popular Fronts vs Proletarian Revolution: Russia-Spain-Sri Lanka (html split into chapters)

Permanent Revolution: Yesterday & Today (html split into chapters)

For an Indefinite General Strike Until the Employment Contracts Bill is Withdrawn! (html 22k)