Russian Imperialism and Other Disputes

We reproduce below a selection of documents from recent debates within the IBT, primarily revolving around Russia's role in the imperialist world order. Some names have been edited for consistency and some information pertaining to individuals has been redacted. The terms “Imp” and “Nimp” are used in several of the documents to refer respectively to those who hold that Russia is imperialist (now the line of the IBT) and those who believe it is non-imperialist. We may add documents to this collection from time to time.

The grouping that left the IBT in early October 2018 are now calling themselves the “Bolshevik Tendency,” a farcical maneuver that will only invite derision of our shared revolutionary tradition, which they claim to defend.

A Note on the World Situation
IBT statement, 19 October 2018

Statement Dissolving PRG/BT Fusion
Resignation letter sent to IBT, 2 October 2018

Presentation on Amendment to the T&P
Josh Decker, IBT international conference, April 2017

Russia's Emergence as an Imperialist Power
Josh Decker, 27 March 2014, data updated 2017

Observations on the Leninist Theory of Imperialism
Josh Decker, 17 March 2014 (excerpts)

On the Uneven Development of Nimpism
Bill Logan, 8 April 2014

Counting Trees, or Leninism vs. Empiricism
Barbara Dorn, 11 April 2014

Response to the majority position on the current crisis in Ukraine
Barbara Dorn & Josh Decker, 17 May 2014

Turkey and the Tactic of the Military Bloc
Adaire Hannah & Barbara Dorn, 27 March 2017