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Date: September 01, 2003 at 23:59:51
From: AM, []
Subject: Re: Ukrainian fraud


I am a left-winged communist activist from Russia. I know about the scandal in Ukraine. In russia a lot of left activists know about it. Everybody is angry about this fraud with Vernik, who is a betraitor of working clas.

I know the real name of a man who is pictured on the web-page

He is very well-known man in russia left movement. His name is Ilya Budraitskis. He is one of the leaders of russia left organization 'Socialist Resistance'. 'Socialist Resistance' is an official section of CWI. Ilya Budraitskis live in Moscow. I live not far from this town so i saw his face several times and sure that it is he.

As far as I know, a lot of left people in the world is interested, if russian leadership of CWI is aware of ukrainian scam. So as Ilya Budraitskis is also a member of this scam (as prooved on IBT web-site) that proovs that russian leadership also knew about this scam. Besides, the talkings about Vernik scam was discussed in russia left mailing lists year ago. so evberybody heard about this thing long ago.

I also know one else thing about CWI in Russia and Ukraine. I know that CWI people from russia and ukraine have link with Lybian embassy. They were 'studying' book of M. Kaddafi called 'green book'. Embassy gave money to CWI. And besides CWI every year organize a summer camp in Crimea (Ukraine) where everybody study this green book. It is a political crime to take money from dictator Kaddafi instead of fighting against his regime. Many people in left movement knew about this link between Kaddafi and CWI and even CWI members did not deny their link to Lybians.

I am sorry for my bad english.

With communist and antiimperialist greetings
A. Medvedev

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