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Weekly Worker 494 Thursday September 4 2003


Ukraine scam

I suppose we should be flattered that Mark Fischer’s article, ‘Attack of the clones’, on the fraud against the workers’ movement in Ukraine (Weekly Worker August 28) takes much of its information from our website (www.bolshevik.org). Unfortunately, we are not surprised that the Weekly Worker cannot be relied on to reproduce information accurately. In particular, Fischer’s fertile imagination comes up with the following:

“A leading Workers Power comrade was boastfully displaying a photograph of the organisation’s recent world congress to an International Bolshevik Tendency member. Standing on either side of the said WPer were two Ukrainian comrades - they were instantly recognisable. They were the IBT’s key comrades in their own Ukrainian section.”

In fact Workers Power approached us in a principled and non-sectarian manner to verify identities and inform us of what they knew about the scam. We very much appreciate this, and the cooperation other organisations have shown in sharing information. It is typical of the Weekly Worker brand of ‘journalism’ that, in his haste to gloat, Fischer did not bother to check the facts.

As for the substance of the accusation of “oil-slick internationalism”, I quote our statement on the Ukraine scandal: “We will learn from this experience as we continue to work to extend the IBT internationally, but we do not expect to be able to avoid all risks.”

The CPGB takes no such risks, and is content to build an organisation only in Britain. That is your choice, comrades, but it is not internationalism. It was not Lenin’s internationalism, and nor is it ours.

Alan Davis

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