Committee for a Workers' International statement on the Ukraine

Statements are currently circulating on the web regarding the Ukrainian section of the CWI. These include the allegation that members of the Ukrainian section of the CWI have made approaches to other organisations in order to obtain finances on a dubious and false premise.

Neither the International Secretariat or the International Executive Committee of the CWI nor the leadership of the CIS section of the CWI knew about this alleged activity. Such dishonest methods of obtaining finances is neither condoned nor supported by the CWI and its leadership. The CWI is proud of its principled political approach on political and organisational questions. The finances of the CWI and its sections are raised from the international working class and youth including the tremendous self-sacrifice of our membership.

The CWI is totally opposed to the methods alleged to have been used by the leadership of the Ukrainian section and regard them as serious charges. The CWI has therefore suspended the Ukrainian National Committee and the Kiev City Committee pending the results of an investigation which is now being organised by the CWI. Following the conclusion of such an investigation all appropriate action will be taken.