Militant Longshoreman Program

1. DEFEND OUR JOBS AND LIVELIHOOD—Six hour shift, no extensions, at eight hours pay. Manning scales on all ship operations, one man—one job. Weekly PGP. Full no-cap C.O.L.A. on wages. Joint maritime union action against non-union barge, shipping and longshore operations. No ghost riders or witnesses. No long-term contracts.

2. DEFEND THE HIRING HALL—Use regular gangs on container ships; no dispatch of ‘‘unit gangs.’’ Call all 9.43 men back to the hall. Stop-work action to defend the hiring hall and older and disabled men.


THROUGH JOB ACTION—Stop PMA chiseling on the contract. Eliminate ‘‘work as directed,’’ ‘‘no illegal work stoppage,’’ and arbitration sections from the contract. Mobilize to smash anti-labor injunctions. No employer drug or alcohol screening.

4. DEFEND OUR UNION—No Class B or C longshoremen. Register directly to Class A. Keep racist, anti-labor government and courts out of the union and BALMA. Support unions’ resistance against court suits and government ‘‘investigations.’’ Union action to break down racial and sexual discrimination and employer favoritism on the waterfront. Organize for a coastwide strike to get what we need—no concessions—no give-backs.

5. BUILD LABOR SOLIDARITY—against government/employer strikebreaking. No more defeated PATCO or HORMEL strikes. Honor all class-struggle picket lines—remove phony, racist, anti-working class picket lines. Don’t handle struck or diverted cargo. No raiding of other unions. Organize the disorganized, and the unemployed. Defend IBU-ILWU (INLAND BOATMEN) against Crowley union busting.

6. STOP NAZI/KLAN TERROR through union-organized labor/black/latino defense actions. No dependence on capitalist police or courts to smash fascists.

7. WORKING CLASS ACTION TO STOP REAGAN’S WAR-DRIVE—Labor strikes to oppose U.S. military actions against Cuba, Nicaragua or Salvadoran leftist insurgents. Boycott military cargo to Central America. Build labor action to smash the apartheid injunction.

8. INTERNATIONAL LABOR SOLIDARITY—oppose protectionist trade restrictions—for a massive trade-union program of aid to help non-U.S. workers build unions and fight super-exploitation by the multinational corporations—Defend undocumented workers with union strike action.

9. BREAK WITH THE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTIES—Start now to build a workers party based on the unions to fight for a workers government which will seize all major industry without payment to the capitalists and establish a planned economy to end exploitation, racism, poverty and war.

Published: 1917 No.4 (Autumn 1987)