Marxism vs. ‘Militant’ Reformism


Main Article: The CWI’s Kautskyan Caricature of Trotskyism

Appendix A
Exchange on the state between Michael W. and Lynn Walsh

  1. Marxists and the State
    Michael W., 2006
  2. The State: A Marxist Programme and Transitional Demands
    Lynn Walsh, 2006
  3. The Police
    Lynn Walsh, 1983

Appendix B
IBT leaflets on the CWI

  1. ‘The most disgraceful defeat’: PCS capitulation on pension scheme
    21 January 2006
  2. For a New, Revolutionary, Workers’ Party! Why we’re not signing the Socialist Party’s ‘Declaration’
    21 January 2006
  3. Which Side Are You On? Screws Out of the TUC!
    10 November 2007

Appendix C

A Brief Sketch of the Militant Tendency’s History
Christoph Lichtenberg

Posted: 18 May 2008