Anatomy of a Racist Frame-Up

The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal



1. Background
i.    ‘Voice of the Voiceless’
ii.   9 December 1981
iii.  The Politics of Repression
2. How the Frame-Up was Organized
i.    The ‘Right’ Judge
ii.   The ‘Right’ Defense
iii.  The ‘Right’ Jury
3. The Prosecution’s Case
i.    Leveraged ‘Eye Witnesses’
ii.   Ballistics
iii.  A Bogus Confession
4. A Tilted Trial
i.    Witnesses for the Defense
ii.   Death Sentence for an Innocent Man
iii.  Gross Judicial Prejudice
5. Betrayed by his ‘Defenders’
i.    Jackson’s ‘Defense’ of Mumia—Beyond Incompetence
ii.   Weinglass and Williams—Mumia’s PCRA Attorneys
iii.  The Beverly Confession
iv.   Weinglass and Williams’ Sabotage
v.   The Fear Factor

6. Free Mumia Now!


1. Arnold Beverly affidavit
2. Mumia Abu-Jamal declaration
3. William Cook declarations
4. Linn Washington declaration
5. Donald Hersing affidavit
6. Terri Maurer-Carter affidavit
7. Yvette Williams declaration
8. George Michael Newman affidavit
9. Rachel Wolkenstein affidavit
10. Kenneth Pate declaration
11. 112 Questions for Leonard Weinglass
12.     From Sacco and Vanzetti to Mumia Abu-Jamal

First published in July 2004 by Bolshevik Publications

Posted: 11 December 2006