Lenin and the Vanguard Party

Lenin and the Vanguard Party was a series of articles by Joseph Seymour published in Workers Vanguard in 1977-78. The following text is based on the Spartacist League pamphlet of 1978, but incorporates some corrections made in the Spartacist League’s Second Edition of 1997.

Kautskyism and the Origins of Russian Social Democracy

Bolshevism vs. Menshevism: the 1903 Split

The 1905 Revolution

Party, Faction and "Freedom of criticism"

The Struggle Against the Boycotters

The Final Split with the Mensheviks

Toward the Communist International


In Defense of Democratic Centralism
A 1973 speech by James Robertson to the West German Spartacus (Bolschewiki-Leninisten)

Posted: 15 April 2005