On the Logan Show Trial

Table of Contents

On the Logan Show Trial

Appendix A

Letter by Logan to Robertson

Appendix B

i. The Case of Comrade John E (excerpt)
ii. The Case of John E.

Appendix C

i. Partial transcript of discussion on election of SL/ANZ Central Committee
ii. Excerpt of letter from Bill Logan to John Sharpe, iSt International Secretary
iii. Reflections on the Case of Keith O.

Appendix D

i. Excerpt from 17 August 1976 document by Libby S.
ii. Note to the international control commission on L and Y

Appendix E

i. The Question of Logan
ii. The ‘Logan Question’ in the Spartacist Tendency
iii. ICL vs. IBT on the Logan Question

First published January 2008

Posted: February 2008