Whatever Happened to the Spartacist League?

Stalinophilia, Stalinophobia, Flinches & Opportunism

Pamphlet published by the International Bolshevik Tendency, April 2005.
(A substantial extract was also published in 1917 No. 27 as
“Prestige Politics & Programmatic Confusion: ICL & the Russian Question”)

Whatever Happened to the Spartacist League?
Loosening the Screws
‘Impatience and Impressionism’
Revisionism on the Russian Question--From Hailing Brezhnev's Foreign Policy…
…To Hailing Brezhnev's Successor
ICL in DDR: Bluster, Wishful Thinking & Centrist Confusion
Treptow Demo: High Tide for the ICL
From SED-Unity Fantasies to Fake Mass Posturing
The Bubble Bursts
DDR ‘Political Revolution’--Down the Memory Hole
ICL's 1990 Postmortem on the DDR
Anschluss for the DDR & the Destruction of the USSR
ICL's Stalinophobic Deviation on China
Sectarianism Ad Absurdum: ICL Denounces Seattle 1999
SL/ICL: Twenty Years of Sectarianism
SL and ‘Anti-War Movements’
ICL Sectarianism Mars PDC's Record on Mumia Defense
ICL Renounces 1974 Contribution on General Strike
ICL's Record of ‘Opportunist Flinches’
Afghanistan 2001: Another Flinch
Why the SL Mattered
Appendix No. 1:
Debate in the ICL Over Yeltsin's Coup
Appendix No. 2:
Compare and Contrast—ICL vs. IBT on Stalinism and Soviet Defensism