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Of and Within the SLP

The following motion is currently being discussed by Socialist Labour comrades in Vauxhall.

This meeting of comrades from the Vauxhall CSLP:

  • Rejects the following decisions taken by the majority at the meeting on April 13th called to defend the Vauxhall CSLP;

– To politically link the Vauxhall and Brent East election campaigns
– To sponsor the ‘Campaign for a Democratic SLP’
– To publish a public journal

as they are counterposed to our perspective of working within the SLP.

  • Resolves to continue with our perspective of demanding that the NEC provide us with access to an appeals procedure (as NEC member Terry Dunn stated would happen). We will continue to build the SLP by selling Socialist News and supporting the activities and campaigns of the SLP.

  • Resolves that we will seek to win support for our appeals case within the SLP. We do not support any campaigns, such as the ‘Campaign for a Democratic SLP’, which is not a campaign of and within the SLP.

The above position is consistent with the motions we passed on April 10th:

  • We reaffirm our commitment to campaigning for Ian Driver as the Socialist Labour Party candidate, standing on the policies of the party. Our campaign is not linked with electoral campaigns based on policies other than those of the SLP.

  • We continue to fight for our rights as SLP members within the SLP and do not endorse Kirstie Paton’s disruption of the SLP manifesto launch.

Moved: Alan Gibson (President, Vauxhall CSLP)