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From:  "Boris Budraitskis" <>
Date:  Tue Aug 21, 2001  10:41 am
Subject:  Re: [ISKRA] Progressive Punk/HardCore in Russia

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Hello Steve and all!
I know PTVP, Unconform and so on. They are not clear anarchists, some of
them contact with anarchists and with us. There is a very good
hardcore/punk/ska-zine "Knifes and forks"(St Petersburg, the editor is
member of CWI), red skin/antifacist/oi band "095", connecting with us very
closely in Moscow now. There is a one problem for this concert - money for
it(stage, electricity and so on - about 300 dollars).
There's know any punk bands near RKRP - they have a big problem with youth.
But there is a scene of nazi punk/oi connected with B&H in Britan.
There is big hardcore/antifacist scene in Moscow and St Peterburg and
we(CWI) have some connections with them(there are few members recrouted this
year from hardcore crew). It will be good to know about Trot.
hardcore/punk/ska bunds in Europe and USA, it'll be useful in our work.
Comradely Ilya.
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Дата: 21 августа 2001 г. 7:53
Тема: [ISKRA] Progressive Punk/HardCore in Russia

>Hi comrades,
>Earlier, Ilya informed me that on September 2nd there will be the second
>joint rally in Moscow of the Movement for a Workers Party and the Movement
>for Civil Rights - against the Chechen war and for workers rights. He said
>that this time he expects it to be quite large and hopefully with a number
>Moscow punk/HardCore bands playing at the rally.
>Then just a few minutes ago, my inbox received a post from Heli (of
Finland -
>see below) regarding a Vyborg punk band, called PTVP, in the Finnish news.
>reported them as antiPutin, anti-FSB and also anti-Chechen war in their
>music. As there are some red-brown stalinists who say, in words these exact
>things, I did a search and found a few other bits of info on
>band (see below too). The PTVP are genuinely left/anarchist and
>Ilya, or anyone else in the know - are there any articles in English about
>the left/anarchist punk scene, as it seems bigger and quite separate from
>smaller but growing nazi punk - heavy metal scene, which is so admired in
>publications of the RKRP? ISWoR will get a report out of yet another very
>ugly side of the RKRP shortly.
>If any comrades are willing to do any research on this scene- it would be
>great if we could get involved in linking up with western progressive
>punk-hardcore bands with Russian ones on a progressive pro-worker,
>anti-Chechen war basis. The possibilities are tremendous as the
>anti-capitalist movement grows amongst youth in general, including exchange
>tours that have a political aspect to them. The English language website of
>Russian Hardcore is > < If
>comrades are interested I would be happy to collaborate with a team of
>in this work - having collaborated with political bands in London in the
>past. Contact me!
>Also - if anyone wants to help with costs for publicity, transport, etc,
>the important September 2nd rally in Mosocw, contact Ilya Budraitsis NOW!
on >
> < Please, if you can, do this, as a few dollars,
>deutchmarks, francs or pounds go a long way in Russia.
>In solidarity
>from Heli on another list
>Dear list,
>the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat writes:
>"A Punk band wants to be the meter of freedom in Russia"
>"Putin, Putin, Putin, F S Blad" They sing.
>FSB is the heir of the former KGB. Blad means hore.
>"This period as a president is like sticking ice, trying it.
>When Putin is elected in 2004, it will be a start for
>a genocide." sais the singer of the punk band.
>The bands name is PTVP. Singer: Aleksei Nikonov.
>When they sang the song about Putin, even army officers
>joined in the song, writes Helsingin Sanomat.
>The journalist asks: Who did the bombings in Moscow,
>in the autumn 1999. Nikonovs answer:
>"F S Blad".
>This band is from Vyborg.
>Putin visits Finland, and we will demonstrate.
>Against genocide.
>Russia Hardcore website
>The DIY scene here in the North-West is rather disorganized, although some
>things are moving. St Petersburg is big, Vyborg is small.
>POSLEDNIE TANKI V PARIZHE (last tanks in paris)
>Ljoha Nikonov - voice, Sergej 'Velmita' - drums, remixes, Egor Nedviga -
>bass, Max - guitar
>- Vyborg band, originates from the TaMtAm scene (which was formed around
>punk / alternative club of this name in St Petersburg, 1991-1996). Started
>with BUTTHOLE SURFERS type sound, now they play very melodic and at the
>time raging hardcore punk. Quite influenced by HIMERA (St Pete HC legends,
>leader Redt played drums in PTVP before suicide in 1997). Some recordings,
>punk stuff, acoustic, remixes. They work on their, like, fourth album now.
>Singer Ljoha is putting together his poetry book soon. This June he was
>arrested on stage! for 'shitting on our authorities'.
>(Alexej Nikonov, +7(81278)14084 - only speaks Russian)
>St Petersburg Times
>23 June 2000
>Russian and foreign jazzmen are preparing to blow into their golden
>and shining saxophones during two major festivals in the city's beautiful
>gardens and at various jazz venues over the next two weekends.
>But there exists a gloomy underworld - the rock 'n' roll underground -
>one band's leader recently got arrested before he had time to finish the
>second song in the set. That's what happened to the leader of Vyborg's
>Poslyedniye Tanki v Parizhe (Last Tanks in Paris), also known as P.T.V.P.
>"Russia's Jim Morrison," Alexei Nikonov, got in hot soup when he
>his band's Russian abbreviation as "Pozhaluista, Trakhite Vladimira Putina"
>(Please, F*** Vladimir Putin), called the president "Pinochet" and admitted
>that "it smells of police near the stage."
>The odor become real as the police duly detained him on stage, took him
>the station and beat him up. Nikonov, known for his strong anti-Putin
>also distributed flyers depicting the current president with a Hitler-style
>moustache and the word "hexagene," a.k.a. TNT, even before the presidential
>elections. This brave man and his band will perform at the decrepit VMC
>on Saturday.
>Antiwar Actions in St. Petersburg
>NGO activists of St. Petersburg report that on February 26-27, 2000 the
>antifascist, anarchist and trozkist activists of St. Petersburg are going
>hold a series of protest actions against the war in Chechnya. A
>hardcore-punk-sca festival against the war in Chechnya is to be held on
>February 26 in Krasky Vyborzhets club (12 Sverdlovskaya Naberezhnaya) at
>17:30. Groups Spitfire (St. Petersburg), Stand (Finland), Unconform
>P.T.V.P (Vyborg) and others are to participate. Contact phone:
>(+7-812)-248-1152. On February 27 at 15:00 an antiwar picket will begin at
>the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and Malaya Sadovaya street. Contact phone:
>(+7-812)-557-8324, Elena, contact e-mail:
>[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
>KARL MARX "But if the designing of the future and the proclamation of the
ready-made solutions for all times is not our affair, then we realise all
the more clearly what we have to accomplish in the present. I am speaking of
a ruthless criticism of everything existing, ruthless in two senses: The
criticism must not be afraid of its own conclusions, nor of conflict with
the powers that be ..."
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